7 People Who Want Seth Rogen to Get Over the Fact His Mom Has Sex

John Leach/Splash News

Seth Rogen at film festival
John Leach/Splash News
People have sex. We all know this. In fact, Seth Rogen has made a slew of movies in which sex plays a very prominent role. The man starred in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, for crying out loud. But a fun fact we learned today (thank you, social media) is that Seth doesn't want his parents to have sex. Or, at the very least, he definitely doesn't want them to talk about it. 

How did the subject even come up? Oh, thanks to a tweet from one Sandy Rogen, the funnyman's mom, who posted this gem that set the Twitterverse on fire: "Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!" 

What follows is Seth and his sister Danya completely freaking out, disgusted by the very thought of their mom and dad, who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, having sex. 

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Seth Rogen responds to mom's tweet
Seth's reponse? "Jesus f****** Christ, mom." For her part, Danya tweeted, "Seriously, I actually gagged.

But social media is on Mama Rogen's side, with Mindy Kaling even coming to her defense. After all, Sandy was just keepin' it real and if it weren't for sex, there would be no Seth. 

The replies to the actor's comment keep pouring in, but here are seven that absolutely nail it.

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