Kardashian Family's Reaction to Rob's Rants Is Heartbreaking

blac chyna and rob k
Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

So far, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has remained silent -- publicly -- on Rob Kardashian's social media take-down of Blac Chyna. But behind closed doors, the family is seriously upset with Rob's behavior. Not only are they afraid of what his actions are doing to the family name, the Kardashians are worried Rob is causing long-term damage to his daughter, Dream. 


According to TMZ, the Kardashians are seriously against any public feuding and want Rob to stop his social media rants immediately. But more than their concern over Rob's childish behavior tarnishing their name, they think Rob may be doing irreversible damage to his relationship with 7-month-old Dream. The girls understandably were particularly upset when Rob wrote that Chyna "had a baby out of spite" to get back at her ex, Tyga. 

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Of course, Rob's family is on his side and wants to help him as much as possible, but they're really not happy with his recent behavior -- and they're also not fond of the idea of Dream living in homes where their parents are at war with one another. 

At the end of the day, if Rob's allegations about Chyna are true (cheating, drugs, lying, etc.), she's certainly in the wrong. But it wasn't right how Rob went about "telling the world" these things -- and it's definitely not something his daughter should have to see one day. 

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Hopefully, the Kardashians can talk some sense into Rob in terms of how he's choosing to go about things. He may just be trying to get revenge on his ex, but his family is right: It's going to wind up affecting his daughter most of all. 

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