Blac Chyna Fires Back at Rob Kardashian With Allegations of Her Own

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Rob Kardashian has been lashing out at his ex Blac Chyna by posting nude photos of her on Instagram along with alleged text messages from men who she was rumored to have cheated on him with. It's been a painful morning for the couple, and now Blac Chyna is responding to Rob's rant on Instagram with an allegation of her own. 


On Snapchat, Chyna claimed that Rob physically abused her. She wrote: "Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try act it never happen!!!!! U put hand on me I swear on god!!!! On my kids but I'm supposed to be quiet because you're a Kardashian."

She followed that up with this message: "The light will come to the light."

We didn't think this situation could get any worse, but it has. 

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It's clear the relationship between Chyna and Rob is very toxic and has been for a long time -- they have lashed out at each other through social media in the past. Their daughter, Dream, was born in November, though they called off their engagement in February. However, it seemed that they were getting along fine in recent weeks. It wasn't even clear if the two of them were still together, though Rob makes it seem like they were. His rant was over-the-top hurtful. And now Chyna's response is extremely worrisome.

There is a lot of pain and hurt here. We hope that their families and loved ones are there to help them. We hope they seek professionals as well -- whether all the allegations are true or not. To live in the public eye like this just serves to cause deeper hurt not only to themselves, but to the kids that are involved. 

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The nude photos of Chyna that Rob shared along with the terrible things that he wrote about her was an awful act. Those photos have since been deleted, along with some of his other postings, but the damage is done. The pain that so clearly has been there between the two of them is now aired for the world to see, and we worry about their well-being. Rob's rant was an attempt at shaming the mother of his child. And now Chyna's response adds a whole other layer to this already horrific situation. This has turned into a very serious issue, and one that we hope that both Rob and Chyna get help for.  

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