15 Beautifully Blended Celebrity Families

Reese Witherspoon with her kids

There is no one way to create a loving family, and sometimes it takes a bit of blending before things end up how they are supposed to be. Whether a family is lucky enough to have multiple co-parents, a stepparent who really does step up to the plate, or just extra sibling love to go around, it is always pleasant to see the many different ways a family can come together. 


Not only have many celebrities made some pretty kick-ass stepparents, but many of them have also been successful in working together with ex-spouses or -partners to give their kids the best upbringing possible.

Some celebrity families, especially the ones who have had reality shows like the Kardashians and Simmonses, are famous for their seamless merging. Other famous families may not be as obvious; in fact, many people may not have even known some of these celebrities (or their spouses) were stepparents. 

Other than multiple marriages or relationships, adoption is also a common way for celebrities (or anyone for that matter) to grow a family, and many parents adopt multiple times -- like Madonna and Angelina Jolie.  

Here are 15 families that remind us of all the great ways a loving support system can be formed.

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