Rob Kardashian Goes on Despicable Instagram Rant Against Blac Chyna

rob kardashian blac chyna
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The relationship between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has been a tumultuous one, and it just took a turn for the worse. According to Rob, Chyna has been cheating on him -- and he's lashing out by telling all. He's sharing private, explicit nude photos of Chyna and screenshots of text messages from men whom she has allegedly been cheating with. It's all a very sad display of a very damaged relationship.


In the series of posts, Rob alleges that Chyna has been cheating on him with multiple men in the home they share with their child ... while their child was in the house. Rob revealed text exchanges he reportedly had with some of these guys, saying that they are trying to get money or gifts out of him in exchange for not telling the world about their affair with Chyna. Rob also claims that Chyna is on drugs and that he buys her thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and all she does is disrespect him.

This is all very awful. There is a lot of pain and hurt here, and this tirade is going to add more pain to the whole terrible situation.

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There are several nude photos that Rob posted of Chyna on social media, which are pretty graphic, to say the least. We are choosing not to post the nudes since he is posting without her consent. Here are some of the other posts by Rob regarding this situation, which shows the state of his mind right now. 

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This is despicable. Things happen in relationships that are terrible, but airing them in this way is making matters even worse. We understand the pain Rob is going through right now, but this is not the way to go. There shouldn't be a "getting even" aspect to the issues they have. This is still the mother of his child, and to degrade another human being like this is reprehensible, no matter if Chyna did any of the things he claims or not.

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Many have been hoping for the best for these two even though they called off their engagement earlier this year. The couple's daughter Dream is just 8 months old, and they seemed to be getting along well lately.

It's a complicated story, only being made more complex with this latest outburst. We truly hope that Rob gets the help he needs right now -- he's understandably in a lot of pain, but he's also hurting others, including his daughter, by attacking her mother in this way.

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