Kylie Jenner's New Tattoo Is the Ultimate Diss to Tyga

kylie jenner
Photographer Group/Splash News

Just as Johnny Depp once changed his "Winona Forever" tattoo to "Wino Forever," Kylie Jenner went and replaced her Tyga tattoo with something more suitable to her current lifestyle. When she and Tyga were together, Kylie had a small lowercase "t" inked on her inner ankle, but now she's gone and replaced it with "l.a." as a way of paying homage to her hometown. And, you know, to cover up the mistakes of her past. 


Kylie debuted the new tattoo recently, and we have to say, as far as cover-up tattoos go, this one's on point:

Whoever did this -- likely NYC-based tattoo artist JonBoy -- did a top notch job. 

More from CafeMom:

It's not surprising that after breaking up in April, and after starting to date someone new, Kylie wanted to get rid of her "t" tattoo. But what is surprising is that the makeup mogul reportedly went and got a matching tattoo with her new boyfriend (whom she hasn't been dating very long), Travis Scott. 

According to reports, Kylie and Travis went under the needle together recently. A source told People that Kylie and Travis got "matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles that they were showing off to their friends and family." The insider added, "They were super affectionate and Travis was constantly kissing Kylie on the cheek and whispering in her ear. Their relationship seems to be getting stronger and they’re closer than ever."

A boyfriend tattoo again, Kylie? Hmm ... Not sure that's the best idea. Though in this case if Kylie and Travis happen to break up, she'll just be left with a butterfly tattoo instead of her ex's initial. But still, it will be a painful (or rage-filled) reminder. 

Ultimately, Kylie (technically) is an adult and she's going to do what she wants. But it's a little surprising that she didn't think before she inked this time around. But hey, if she and Travis wind up splitting up, she can just make a trip to JonBoy again so he can work his magic. Or she can think of the butterfly as a metaphor for Travis flying out of her life forever.   

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