Kate Middleton's Knee Has the Internet All Freaked Out

kate middleton waving
Ray Tang/ZUMA Press/Splash News

Something a bit creepy has been spotted on Kate Middleton and it has many on the Internet freaking out a bit. What they're saying is that if you look very closely at a recent photo of the princess and zero in on her knee, you may see a ghost -- Casper, the Friendly Ghost. We looked closely ... and we see it, too!


Prepare yourself: Kate's knee may never look the same to you again after this.

kate middleton knee
Zak Hussein/Splash News

First of all, Kate ... if you're reading this ... we're sorry. So very sorry. We never wanted to look at your royal knee and think of Casper. Ever. But now we have. We are going to attempt to erase this all from memory. I'm imagining that if Prince Harry catches wind of this, he's going to be making fun of Kate's knee for quite a while. Considering their special bond and fun sense of humor, of course. 

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A knee is not something that should be stared at for any length of time. The same goes for feet (the toes in particular), elbows, chins, and belly buttons. These are all parts of the body that seem to morph into things we don't want to see when our look lingers longer than it should. (Don't do it! You are totally going to do it, though, aren't you?) What happens is that our eyes start to do some weird recognition thing. Our brains are wired to see faces in all kinds of stuff (I read that somewhere). It's true. I once rented a log cabin and saw faces in all the wood knots. I did not sleep well there. And so this is why we see the Friendly Ghost in Kate's knee. It sure beats seeing someone like Skeletor. 

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Apparently, seeing faces in knees is a thing on the Internet -- there are many posts online spotlighting different faces seen in the knees of celebrities. Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus have baby faces living in their knees. I just took some time to stare at my own knees and swear I see the ultrasound image of my baby's face in there. Left knee only. Right knee is just some weird knee blob.

And now I'm never going to look at knees the same way ever again. 

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