Kate Middleton Debuts a New Haircut at Wimbledon

kate middleton
Mirrorpix/Splash News

The Duchess of Cambridge is quite the style icon -- she is always wearing something that is headline worthy. But it's not just her clothes that we admire; it's her hair, too of course. Those silky locks in her signature warm tones of brown look gorgeous whether down or pulled back ... or chopped off. That's right -- Kate Middleton got a haircut.


Some may think that this isn't much of a chop, but to those with long locks, it most certainly is. It appears Kate cut off at least three inches.

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Her hair looks absolutely lovely -- radiant, even -- making us think that she may have gotten a bit of color as well. Could it be possible that the princess has some grays like so many of us?!

Kate likes to get these types of haircuts -- the kind that some people wouldn't notice, and yet others see as something drastic. She wears the different looks so effortlessly, which is a nod to her stylist who cuts and colors her locks in a way that truly suits the princess. We're wondering how many people will be inspired by this latest 'do from Kate and get a trim or a color boost as well.

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Kate debuted her latest look at the opening day of Wimbledon, a sport she really loves. We also cannot help but notice Kate's dress from Dolce & Gabbana. It's the perfect skater dress shape, but longer. There's something about polka dots that are just so darling. But that hair .... You know it's a good hair day when Kate wears a new dress and yet all we really want to talk about is her locks.

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