Joy-Anna Duggar May Have Just Dropped a Big Hint About Jana's Love Life

Jana Duggar and Meredith Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Poor Jana. We doubt that the eldest Duggar daughter will ever escape the scrutiny over her love life at this point -- and even her younger siblings are chiming in to tell people to mind their own business. But are they protesting too much?


This week's episode of Counting On included a scene about Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's second baby, which somehow inexplicably shifted to the subject of Jana's relationship status. Jessa and Ben had their second son in February, but had kept the gender a secret from the public.

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Joy-Anna revealed that she had known it was a boy, and had confided in then-boyfriend Austin Forsyth about it, even though she was supposed to keep it a secret. At which point producers felt compelled to ask 27-year-old Jana Duggar, "Have you got a boyfriend now?"

She replied in the negative, but Joy snipped, "Like she would tell you if she did, anyhow."

Hmmm ... Joy hardly has the best track record when it comes to keeping secrets, so could this defensive outburst over Jana really mean that she's finally found someone?

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While 27 is hardly old-maid status to the general public, she's practically a spinster in Duggar World. Four of her younger sisters are married (even 19-year-old Joy, who said "I do" last month), and one younger brother may have just set a wedding date with 18-year-old Kendra Caldwell

Of course we want Jana to find love, but we have to admire her for sticking to her guns about not falling for the first man who asks Jim Bob if he can court her. Personally, we're still holding out for Tim Tebow.

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