Pharrell Thinks His Wife's Body Is a Miracle & We Couldn't Agree More

Pharrell and helen lasichanh

Pharrell's so proud of his newborn triplets -- and the fact that his wife, Helen Lasichanh, carried and gave birth to the three LOs back in January. The singer, producer, and Voice coach was on the Today show on Tuesday and couldn't stop commending Lasichanh for her mom skills.


"My wife is SEAL Team Six," Williams said. "There's nothing she can't do. I mean, she carried those three bodies, and she's just on it all the time." Hell yes. We don't need to be reminded that our reproductive powers are a downright miracle, but Pharrell's lady-love did carry three babies at once, and we'd be shocked if he wasn't in total awe of her.

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Not that his adoration for his wife translates to pitching in with the babies in some ways. When Hoda Kotb asked Pharrell about changing the diapers of three infants, Pharrell said, "Again, SEAL Team Six." Oof, so he's sitting that one out? Even more reason to be gushing about his wife!

Not to mention the fact that before welcoming the triplets, she and Pharrell were already parents of son Rocket, born in 2008. So, even with extra help -- Pharrell admitted they have "some amazing people to help [them]" -- the woman is juggling her grade schooler and three newborns. Someone get Helen Lasichanh a mama medal.

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In the meantime, Pharrell is continuing to lavish praise. "I have to say, my wife carrying those babies and all of them are fine and healthy," he told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night's Tonight Show. "Man, I cannot say enough about women and all kinds of burdens that they carry and the gifts that they carry. My wife is everything. She's the best."

Hell yes to all of that.

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