Joy-Anna Duggar's Honeymoon Photo Is Missing Something Important

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth

It's their one-monthiversary! Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth posted a pic to commemorate one month of marriage on their Instagram, but one little detail has some fans seriously concerned.


The Counting On stars posted a sweet snapshot from their honeymoon at the Sea of Galilee, and added the caption, "Celebrating our 1 month anniversary in Israel!"

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While plenty of fans wished them well and commented on happy they looked, some took notice of one small detail -- Joy's ring finger. She is clearly not wearing her wedding or even engagement ring in the photo.

joy anna and austin duggar honeymoon

Some fans were quick to ask, "Why doesn't she have her ring on?" You know, because now that she's married, the symbol of Austin's patriarchal possession of her must be visible at all times. (We're assuming.)

Eh, it could be for a lot of reasons, as was pointed out by those defending Joy's ringless finger. One commented, "She's newly married and not used to wearing valuable/sentimental jewelry. I always take mine off at the beach as well." Another chimed in, "Last week at the showing of her wedding [on TLC] her wedding band barely fit if you paid attention. Maybe she is more comfortable not keeping it on all the time."

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Plus, it looks like they're traipsing over Europe at the moment, as another recent snap places them in Switzerland. Who would want to worry about expensive jewelry while traveling across multiple foreign countries? Besides, now that they're married and can not only hold hands, but also front-hug and kiss on the lips, we're sure they're leaving people with no doubt that they're newlyweds.

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