Saint West Looks Just Like a Baby Kanye in Kim Kardashian's New Pic

kim kardashian and saint
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Mini Yeezy! Despite the fact that North West sometimes looks like the spitting image of mom Kim Kardashian, Saint definitely takes after his dad. Kim shared a new photo of Saint to Snapchat on Saturday, and little man looks just like Kanye right down to the stare he's giving the camera. So cute!


Kim snapped the sweet pic of her 1-year-old son while he was hanging out in his car seat. He kind of looks like Kanye would if the paparazzi were in his face. But, you know, way cuter. 

Check this little cutie out:

saint west

Adorable! That little face! And those little Vans!

More from CafeMom:

When he was first born, Saint looked more like Kim -- and a lot like North -- but the older he's getting, the more he's looking like Kanye. Really, it's a win-win for the West kids, as both of their parents are good-looking.

From the sound of things, little Saint may be a big brother soon. According to numerous reports, Kim and Kanye have officially hired a surrogate to carry their third child since it's too risky for Kim. More likely than not, the surrogate will be a gestational carrier for the couple, so he or she has a 50/50 chance of looking like mom or dad. Again, either way, not a bad deal. 

It's crazy to see how much Saint has grown in the past year. Little dude's a full-on toddler with a Paw Patrol cup now! If he ever looked like he was ready for a younger sibling, now is it -- as long as he or she doesn't point a camera in his face. Saint clearly takes after his dad in that department. 

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