Prince Harry Was 'This Close' to Dropping His Royal Title

prince harry
Zak Hussein/Splash News

The reluctant prince. In a new interview with Mail on Sunday, Prince Harry revealed that he considered leaving his royal role behind in order to live an ordinary life. The prince, who went through a highly documented partying phase, admitted that he "didn't want to grow up" and seriously considered dropping his title at one point. But ultimately, as we've all seen, Harry decided to carve out his own role in the royal family -- and from the looks of things, it seems to be working out just fine.  


Harry revealed that he began toying with the idea following his time in the army. The prince, who was stationed in Afghanistan in 2007, had to leave after 10 weeks when a magazine leaked his whereabouts. "It was the best escape I ever had," Harry said. "I felt as though I was really achieving something. I have a deep understanding of all sorts of people from different backgrounds and felt I was part of a team. I wasn't a prince, I was just Harry."

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"I spent many years kicking my heels and I didn't want to grow up," he confessed, likely referring to his years of frequenting clubs until the wee hours of the morning. "I felt I wanted out but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself."

Ultimately, Harry decided to stay and he credits his love  -- and his mother's love -- of charity for the decision. Harry, who works with numerous charities including the Invictus Games and Heads Together, revealed that he has no interest in simply being someone who makes appearances here and there and waves to crowds. "We are incredibly passionate with our charities and they have been chosen because they are on the path shown to me by our mother," he said, adding, "I love charity stuff and meeting people."

Much to the delight of many, Harry never relinquished his royal title. And it's a good thing. Over the years, Harry has touched so many people's lives, and let's be honest, his cheekiness is a welcome juxtaposition to some of the more stuffy royals. 

We're glad you stayed, Harry. And we've got mad respect for what you call your little "escape."

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