15 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Teachers, Too

james franco
Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash
Whether it was your first day of eighth grade or your last week of finals in college, lacking the motivation to get your butt to class is something all students can relate to. One of the things that can totally change that? An amazing teacher. And one thing that could really make getting to class a breeze? If your teacher happens to be a celebrity too. I mean, you certainly wouldn't want to miss a day if a famous person was trying to impart his or her knowledge upon you, would you?

While it is certainly true that not all celebrities are known for their intelligence, some are so smart they made their livings as teachers before they hit the big time -- or they even moonlight as college professors now! Can you imagine being greeted by James Franco, or learning fiction writing from J.K. Rowling?

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Well, a few very, very lucky students know exactly what that feels like. From musicians who mentored students in similarly creative pursuits to actors with a legit foothold in the world of academia, you'll never look at the stars on this list the same way again.

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Check out these famous educators and who knows ... you might just be inspired to go back to school!