Prince Harry Believes He Has a Special Bond With Kate Middleton

kate middleton prince harry
Kate Middleton first won the heart of Prince William and then won the hearts of the public, but she also holds a very special place in the heart of her brother-in-law. It's clear that Prince Harry has a special bond with Kate -- he's not only a doting uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but Harry feels that Kate is the sister he never had 


Isn't this the sweetest? It's such a beautiful thing when families are able to bond like this. We adore the love between Kate and Will, but we also admire the deep connection between Kate and Harry.

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In an interview in Newsweek, Harry has said that it is Kate who helped him fill a bit of the hole left by the death of his mother. It seems Kate is the female figure in Harry's life that he feels he can depend on and a person he deeply trusts. We can guess that Harry has had many a heartfelt talk with Kate about his relationships. Kate has probably helped him with a lot over the years. She's the kind of sister-in-law who cooks him his favorite foods (roast chicken is his absolute fave) and is happy to see him when he pops by. (But who wouldn't be happy to see Harry?!) Plus, they both reportedly love Game of Thrones, so they talk about that a lot as well. They also do a lot of charity work together. 

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The two of them are often caught laughing together, and sources have said that Harry helps bring out Kate's silly side. And it's also very known how much Harry loves his niece and nephew -- that's something Kate adores as well. Uncle Harry must be the best sitter ever. Everyone loves Kate, and everyone is wild about Harry. We're so happy to know more about the incredible bond they share, and how much harmony there is in the family. 

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