Duggars Are Catching Heat for a Photo of the Kids Doing Chores

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The Duggars definitely don't do things like a conventional family, but lately, one of their parenting tactics has stirred up a lot of controversy. Right now, Josh and Jessa are under fire for "training" their kids to do housework. But is that idea really that bad?


Certain fans lost it when the Duggars shared a photo on their official Facebook page earlier this week. In the pic, Jessa's son Spurgeon and Josh's daughter Meredith are mopping the floor. Since this is something a lot of toddlers get joy out of because it seems like a game, no big deal, right? 

 duggar kids
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

At first glance, it's just an adorable family photo. But soon, their followers took issue with the fact that their caption said "train them young" -- as if they are animals who need training.

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But really, the fact that these kiddos are being brought up to help around the house shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Michelle and Jim Bob put a big emphasis on raising their own children with their own tasks they were responsible for completing. Even though they had a lot more little ones than most families, don't a lot of parents involve their kids in cleaning and laundry?  

It makes sense that this is something that Jessa and Josh would want to pass on to their own kids now that they're parents themselves. And it's not like they're being treated poorly -- at least, as far as we can see. These kids seem to get a lot of love from their parents. And grandparents. And their zillion aunts and uncles. 

Plus, a few chores never killed a kid, right? So maybe we can give them a pass on this one. And if Spurgeon and Meredith ever need a new floor to mop, they can always come to our house! 

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