Spencer Pratt Says He'll Teach His Son All the Things He 'Shouldn't Have Done'

Spencer and Heidi
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It's hard not to associate Spencer Pratt with his notorious behavior on The Hills or wacky Snapchat rants, but soon enough, we're going to have to think about him as a proud papa. And it sounds like the former reality star is already seeing himself in that new light. Pratt shared what he plans to teach his son while taking a private pastry and floral class with Heidi at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for his first Father's Day last week.


"I'll be able to teach my son [about] all the things that I shouldn't have done," Spencer told Us. "I don't regret all my bad decisions, because I'm going to use them for good." 

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Ha, well, clearly, the dad-to-be is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to teach his son about allllll of the things that he shouldn't have done! Cuz' we all know that would take quite a while ... 

At the same time, you gotta give Spencer props for finding the silver lining to his eyebrow-raising past behavior -- and thinking in terms of how he can use it to his paternal benefit. Really, what more can you do when your past is riddled with questionable moves, but you're on the brink of having to grow up and put on your big-boy dad pants?

Not that Spencer is all about keeping his cool now that he's on the precipice of parenthood. But at least he might be finding more productive outlets for his intensity. For instance, he also shared this gem: "Being the angry soccer dad out on the field -- I'd nail that!" Hell yes he will.

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And unless the Pratts have a change of heart around how they use social media, pretty sure we're all gonna have a front row seat to much of Spencer's parenting. Should be entertaining -- and from the sound of it, at least a little endearing, too.

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