Kim Kardashian's Newest Piece of Jewelry Was Owned by a First Lady

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Spending some of that KKW Beauty cash. Not long after Kim Kardashian reportedly made $14 million in a matter of minutes selling her Creme Contour and Highlight Kits, the Selfish author bought herself a present -- a very expensive present. According to TMZ, Kim recently acquired Jackie Kennedy's Cartier watch for a cool $379,500. Hey man, spend it if you've got it. 


The mom of two anonymously bid on the watch during a Christie's auction. Sources claim that Christie's expected the watch to go for around $120,000, but Kim's winning bid was just shy of $400,000. The watch doesn't seem like Kim's usual flashy style -- it's actually quite understated. Just a simple black band and gold rectangular face. 

The watch is super pretty, but, again, doesn't seem very Kim. Perhaps her Paris robbery inspired her to be more understated and less ostentatious? Though, she is still wearing a watch that cost more than most people's homes.

More from CafeMom:

Jackie's watch, which was gifted to her by her brother-in-law Prince Stanislaw "Stas" Radziwill, has the date February 23, 1963, engraved in it, so she must have received it only a few months before JFK was assassinated, making it all the more special. Kim also reportedly bid on, and won, a piece of art from Jackie's collection -- a painting of Stas in 1963 on a 50-mile hike in Palm Beach.

Who knew Kim was such a fan of the Kennedys and Radziwills?

Kim's latest piece of jewelry isn't worth millions, but it certainly holds serious historical value. Hopefully she won't go showing it off on social media, because, as we've seen all too well in the past, who knows who's out there casing her.

Enjoy the goods, Kim.

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