16 Times Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Were So Cute You Wanted to Die

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You can try to deny it all you want, but it's a scientifically proven fact: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the cutest couple on planet Earth. Individually, Ryan and Blake are simply two talented, ridiculously good-looking people. But together, they're #CoupleGoals AF. It's pretty hard not to be obsessed with them. They seem so genuinely in love and perfect together that we can't get enough of it! 


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They are always either gushing about each other or totally making fun of each other. The successful actors have two adorable kids together as well, making them pretty much the hottest parents around. 

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Seriously, though, their love story is one for the books. They truly enjoy each other and it's always a blissful thing to witness. From their hilariously personal Instagram photos to sweet red carpet moments, there is so much to adore about them.

Here are 16 times Blake and Ryan were so damn cute, we wanted to barf. You know, in a good way.  

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