20 Times Kate Middleton Put Her Foot Down With the Kids

Meredith Gordon | Jun 26, 2017 Celebrities
20 Times Kate Middleton Put Her Foot Down With the Kids
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Kate Middleton is one of the world's most elegant women. However, when it comes to her job as a mom of two small children, Kate isn't afraid to put her foot down when she sees fit. She may be a trend-setting duchess, but she's also an awesome role model for moms. Especially busy moms up to their ears in small children. We've all got a lot to balance on the daily, and no one seems to have more under control than Kate. 

Kate and William aren't out to raise entitled royal kids who think the world is their oyster. That's why Kate isn't afraid to throw down in public when her little darlings act less than perfectly acceptable.

She's the perfect balance of calm, cool, and TOTALLY. IN. CHARGE. We think there's a lot to be learned by watching the duchess, who, let's face it, is always simultaneously balancing her job and her kids when it comes to the long list of royal events her family has to attend. No matter who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. No matter who is irritated with his little sister. No matter who's approaching the hour of tantrum. And no matter how much sleep mom didn't get last night. Just like in our own lives, the show must always go on, despite it all (just be glad we don't have thousands of people watching every move we make).

Check out all the times Kate Middleton made sure to keep George and Charlotte in line.

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  • Royal Celebration

    Trooping of the Colour 2017
    Tony Clark/Splash News

    During the Trooping of the Colour, Kate was all about keeping the kids in line so she didn't get the royal stink eye from the queen. Can't say that we blame her.

  • Wedding Bell Blues

    pippa middleton wedding kate george charlotte
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    At Pippa's wedding, Kate famously disciplned George in front of an entire press corps. And we love her for it.

  • Flower Girl Rules

    princess charlotte flower girl
    Retropix/Splash News

    Even cutie Charlotte is not spared from the house rules. There's no way Kate was going to let anything ruin her sister's big day.

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  • Royal Pain

    kate middleton and prince william and kids
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    When it comes to family photos, Kate is determined to make sure the best shot is captured. Even if it means grooming George on the fly.

  • Close Eye

    kate and prince george
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    Kate lets the kids be kids, but she always keeps a close eye to make sure they're acting, well ... accordingly in the situation.

  • The Great Sweater Debate

    princess charlotte sweater
    Splash News

    Apparently even royals have to battle their children to put on a sweater. Charlotte doesn't look like she's having it.

  • Familiar Face

    kate middleton kids
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Don't worry, Kate, every mom can relate to that moment where you're about one second away from completely losing it.

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  • Hands Full

    kate middleton with the kids
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    Even in the most formal of events, Kate isn't afraid to put parenting her children above everything else. In heels, nonetheless!

  • Flight Plan

    kate middleton prince george helicopter
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    Being a royal is a lot for anyone, but certainly for a little boy. Nevertheless, Kate does her best to treat him like a normal child.

  • Family Management

    royal family
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    Kate may be smiling, but she's all about managing her toddler, who is being watched by the world, not to mention his granny. 

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  • Sibling Rivalry

    kate william george charlotte
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    Despite it being Charlotte's big day, George naturally needed a bit of attention all his own. But Kate (and Will) were quick to remind him to get it together.

  • Shhhhhh!

    kate middleton with kids at pippa's wedding
    Retropix/Splash News

    Kate not only disciplined her own kids that day, she put her foot down with the entire pint-sized wedding party. Mad props to her.

  • Okay, Mum!

    princess kate and charlotte
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    Whatever she said definitely captured little Charlotte's full attention. That is the face of a child who knows when mum means business.

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  • Temper Tantrum

    kate picking up george
    James Whatling/Splash News

    A temper tantrum is bad enough without thousands of eyes watching. Kate made sure to nip this one in the bud.

  • A Stern Talking-To

    kate middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Just because it's all over and done ... doesn't mean it's all over and done. 

  • Princess in Training

    princess charlotte at pippa middleton's wedding
    Retropix/Splash News

    It isn't exactly realistic to expect kids to behave at weddings, but can you even imagine the pressure Kate was under that day? She was totally running the show.

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  • Tantrum on the Tarmac

    kate middleton
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    The people in the background may be amused by little Charlotte's shenanigans, but Kate's not. 

  • Oh HELL No

    kate middleton
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    In fact, Kate wasn't afraid to lay down on Charlotte the law in front of a massive crowd of people. 

  • Ain't No Thang

    kate middleton
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    The best part of all? Afterwards, Kate brushed it off like it wasn't anything at all. And not a hair out of place on the woman!

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  • Manners Police

    kate middleton
    Retropix/Splash News

    Before meeting with dignitaries, Kate instructs her daughter on how to behave. You best listen, Charlotte!


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