Jinger Duggar Wears Leggings and People Lose Their Minds

jinger duggar and jeremy vuolo

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo was once again spotted in public wearing pants, but now that that's becoming old hat, some people had to find something else to pick on her about. Jinger shared a photo in which she's wearing leggings, and it didn't take long before comments called her out for being too thin.


Sheesh! If she's not being accused of hiding a baby bump, she must be anorexic, right? Yup, that word was actually tossed out there. Take a look at this adorable photo Jeremy Vuolo's wife shared on Instagram last week, and see if you think she looks unhealthy.

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jinger jeremy vuolo family

She captioned the shot, "Mom & Dad Vuolo are in town," and even though she looks as happy and healthy as can be, she was accused of having an eating disorder. One person wrote, "Jinger take care of your health. You are Looking way too thin! Anorexia thin not healthy."

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Of course she looks thin, but she's always been thin -- this is nothing new. Maybe fans just aren't used to seeing her in such form-fitting clothes? Thankfully she seems to have more supporters than detractors, with the majority of the comments complimenting her look.

You keep being you, Jinge! Pants and all.

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