Kate Middleton's Royal Ascot Outfit Is British Royalty at Its Finest

kate middleton hat
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Well, if this isn't British aristocracy at its finest, we're not sure what is. Despite her affinity for the casual, Kate Middleton was dressed to the nines at Royal Ascot on Tuesday. Defying the sweltering heat that swept across the UK, the duchess wore a lacy high-neck dress with a hemline that hit her knees -- with nary a bead of sweat in sight. The future queen complemented her look with a white, pearl-embellished hat, making for an incredibly regal look. She looked absolutely stunning, but dare we say, a teensy bit like a fancy Mary Poppins. 


The dress code at Royal Ascot is known for being strict with rules laid out in the utmost of detail on its website. Skirts must fall just above the knee or longer; dresses must have straps of one inch or larger (even if covered by a jacket); and hats are required, but they must have a base of four inches -- so no fascinators. 

Clearly, Kate was following those rules.

kate middleton royal ascot
Zak Hussein/Splash News

kate middleton royal ascot
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Side note, how great is it that the duchess actually has a name tag on, as if people wouldn't otherwise recognize her? 

Also, come on, the similarity to Mary Poppins is hard to ignore.

mary poppins

That said, sorry, Julie Andrews, Kate definitely wore it better. 

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No matter what Kate wears, she seems to look flawless. This isn't an easy outfit to pull off, but the duchess, as always, has killed it. Though we're not sure how she managed not to break a sweat in all that fabric. 

Leave it to Kate to sparkle instead of perspire. 

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