Joy-Anna Duggar's Courtship Rule-Breaking Was Caught on Tape

joy anna and austin forsyth

Oh la la! Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth may have broken one of their many courtship rules -- and the whole thing was caught on tape. In a clip for Counting On, the couple was filmed crossing physical boundaries typically reserved for engaged couples only, clearly before he'd popped the question.


The young couple tied the knot in May, but this scene was filmed months ago. From the lack of engagement ring on her finger, we're going to go ahead and assume that they were still courting at this point in their relationship.

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Duggar fans know that the rules of courtship are seriously strict and go far beyond no kissing. In addition to not being allowed to front-hug until you're married, the Duggar kids aren't even allowed to hold hands until there's a ring on the lady's finger.

Which makes this accidental hand-holding a front-page scandal. In the scene, Austin and Joy are working on a home improvement project, and he clearly grabs her hand, with his own hand. Finger-to-finger contact, people. 

From the look on Joy's face after the skin-to-skin contact, it was clearly the first time that had happened, and she didn't hate it.

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Of course, even though one of the rules was broken, we're going to go ahead and give her a pass this time. After all, she was operating a miter saw, and he was just protecting her digits from potential harm. We're sure even Jim Bob won't be able to find fault with that.

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