Kate Middleton's Nickname in School Was Anything but Royal

kate middleton
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We've heard a lot of nicknames for Kate Middleton in our day: Kate (her full name is Catherine), Cath (which Prince Harry sometimes calls her), Waity Katie (which the press loved to call her when she was dating Prince William), but this latest one definitely is a new one. The duchess revealed her nickname at school, as well as her sister Pippa's -- and let's just say they're anything but royal. 


According to the Mirror (via Elle magazine), during a 2012 visit to her old school St. Andrews in Berkshire, Kate told students that she used to be known as "Squeak" amongst her friends. Ironically, one of the school's guinea pigs was named Squeak, as well. As for Pippa, she had a pretty normal nickname: Pip. "There was one [guinea pig] called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was Squeak," she reportedly revealed. Very cute. And as far as embarrassing nicknames go? Eh, Squeak isn't so bad.

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From everything we've heard, Kate had loads of friends when she was in school -- and she and her siblings were all very normal and down to earth -- so this certainly is believable. And to be honest, it's kind of adorable to imagine her being known as Squeak. Wonder if any of her friends jokingly have her saved in their phone as "Princess Squeak."

As far as Pippa's nickname goes, well, that's not very embarrassing at all. In fact, it's very possible that her new hubby James Matthews still calls her that to this very day. "Pass me the cavier, Pip?" "Pip, do you want to go to Gstaad or Verbier to ski this year?" See, all very believable. 

It's always fun to hear about Kate Middleton's past life as a normal person. Would would have ever thought that Squeak would be the future Queen of England? Perhaps Pip did.  

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