Kim Kardashian's Latest Business Move Was So Copied From Kyile Jenner

kim and kyile
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It was only a matter of time. As advertised on all of her social media accounts, Kim Kardashian is launching a beauty website on June 21. Of course it's only fitting that the reigning Queen of Glam would be the proprietor of a beauty-focused website. But we can't help but wonder if she was influenced by little sister Kylie Jenner. Has the student finally become the teacher?


Despite her affinity for all things beauty-related, and a now-defunct beauty line -- Kardashian Beauty -- odds are Kim has been influenced by Kylie's juggernaut beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics. In fact, Kim recently collaborated with Kylie on a lip kit line, which, not surprisingly, was massively successful. 

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On Intagram, Kim has been promoting her upcoming site, along with its handle, @kkwbeauty. The mom of two also added SHOP 06.21.17 to bio on KKW Beauty's Instagram, so she's obviously going to be unveiling a collection of beauty products. In fact, on one of her Instagram Stories, Kim made mention of a contouring product that she's been "working so hard on."


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From the looks of things, Kim's longtime makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic seems to be in on the action too, as he's been promoting the site, as well. After sharing the same post, Mario, who's held numerous makeup master classes with Kim, wrote, "The Glam Queen has arrived… get ready to be SNATCHED @KKWBEAUTY #KKWbeauty 6.21.17 @kimkardashian."

It will be interesting to see if Kim's line is as successful as Kylie's -- which, let's be honest here, is really successful. But even if it's not, it will likely have a massive fan base because #kardashian.

Good luck, Kim! If anyone's qualified to create a beauty line, it's you. But don't forget to show us exactly how to use all those products, girl. 

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