Kate Middleton Makes a Surprise Visit With London Bridge Terror Victims

kate middleton
Richard Pohle/WPA-Pool/Splash News

Earlier this month, the horrific attacks on London Bridge rattled us all. Eight people were killed and dozens of people were left injured after terrorists drove a van into pedestrians and then went on a stabbing spree. It's times like these when people come together. And the royals have done just that. Princess Kate Middleton visited the hospital where many of the victims are being treated to show support for patients and staff. 


It was a surprise visit to King's College Hospital in Denmark Hill, which is just southeast of London. It was decided to keep the visit quiet as not to disrupt the needs of the patients and duties of doctors.

Kate met with the staff who were on duty when the attack happened, along with the doctors who are caring for those still in hospital. The princess also met with 13 of the victims who have not yet been released.

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There are still seven people in critical condition. The details of the visits to patients will remain confidential, but Kate has plans to meet with everyone.

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Kate wanted to come to the hospital to show support to those who were hurt in this senseless attack. We hope her presence helped lift the spirits of those still in the hospital and all the families, to further show them that they are not alone, that not only does the royal family have them in their hearts and minds, but the world does as well. It's a beautiful thing to show this kind of care for others. It's also important to let the staff at the hospital know how much they are appreciated, and how thankful we all are for their abilities to help others and save lives. 

In times like these, supporting each other is key, and allows us to rise in the face of terror. Together, we are stronger. 

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