There's a Rumored Feud Going on Between Two of the Duggar Sisters

duggar girls

For the many, many years we've been watching the Duggar kids grow up on TV, they almost never fight -- even though many of them share rooms. But now that they're adults, could that close relationship be changing? Reportedly Jill and Jinger could be feuding, thanks to a little social media hint. 


As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, Jill isn't following Jinger or her new husband, Jeremy Vuolo, on Instagram, even though Jinger is following her -- and Jill's husband, Derrick, isn't following his in-laws either.

For some families, this might not be a big deal, but for the Duggars, it's huge. As you probably already know, they're not allowed to hop on Insta on their own account until they've been engaged or married, and they usually go hog wild promoting each other's pages once they finally do exist.

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Of course, there's always the chance that it's just an oversight. Jinger's Instagram account is still fairly new, so Jill may not have realized that she's not following her sister yet. No reason to overreact. And then, there's also that chance that there's trouble in paradise -- the kind of drama we've never seen from this family before. 

Hopefully nothing's going on and this rumor will get cleared up soon. We'd hate to think that after this time, Jill and Jinger aren't getting along! 

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