Pippa Middleton's Honeymoon Is Costing a Small Fortune

Pippa Middleton James matthews
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The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews was a gorgeous and lavish event, but the celebration didn't end that there, of course. Right after the nuptials, Pippa and James embarked on an incredible honeymoon that took them to many parts of the globe. The newlyweds spared no expense, and cost of it all will make most of us gasp. 


The couple's first stop a day after the wedding was Tetiaroa Island in the Pacific and part of French Polynesia. From there, they jetted to Sydney, Australia, then headed to the Northern Territory of Australia to Darwin. James and Pippa, of course, flew first class or on private planes, stayed at lavish resorts, and ate at some of the fanciest restaurants in the world. 

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It was reported that the couple could have spent about $155,000 on their honeymoon alone. If that has your jaw open with amazement, keep in mind that their wedding cost about $1.5 million.

Now, these people have money, but they might have done one of those "help me pay for my honeymoon" fund-raising things some couples do in lieu of actual gifts like unwanted sugar bowls and bed sheets in a print not found on any registry. Though probably not. That may be a royal faux-pas. And while Pippa isn't exactly royalty, she is as close as one could come. So perhaps the families put their monies together to make this happen. Or James and Pippa saved up for it all.

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If you have a wedding that pricey, it only seems fitting to have a honeymoon in the same way. But let's be real here -- this is about the love they have, not the price tag of anything. If they have funds to spare to go all out for these monumental experiences, then that's amazing. The fact that two people found love and are happy is what we should be celebrating. You can't put a price on that. 

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