Prince William Shares How George's Secret Talent Saves the Day

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Grandparents are notoriously tough to shop for, and apparently it only gets tougher when your grandmother is a queen. Prince William shared that he's at a loss when it comes to what to get for his beloved granny for her 91st birthday. But he's got a trick up his sleeve: Prince George has a secret talent. Who know? 


Turns out the cheeky 3-year-old does plenty more than wear shorts, try to give his dog ice cream, and turn down high-fives. He's a whiz at homemade crafts!

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When interviewed by Scott Mills on Radio One, the prince and father of two revealed that when he can't come up with a gift for his grandmother, he can count on his son to come through in the clutch. 

"We've tried making a few things. Now that the great-grandchildren are around they can make stuff and that usually goes down really well, it doesn't matter what it looks like, it always goes down really well, so we stick to those sorts of presents. George does [arts and crafts], he's very good at it."

Aw! What a proud papa! If Georgie didn't have that trust fund backing him, maybe we could hope he'd set up an Etsy shop? Wonder what his specialty is: tie-dyed T-shirts? Crocheted potholders? Tell us more, Will!

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But Wills is definitely on to something. What great-grandmother isn't going to melt when presented with a homemade craft from a preschooler? 

Just how long can Will get away with this before he has to go back to buying his own gifts? We'll see. Still, we can't blame him. What do you purchase for a woman who's spent her life in a palace?

"It's quite hard to know what to get the queen for her 91st birthday that she hasn't already got!" the royal acknowledged. 

May we suggest a new corgi? Can't go wrong with that! Though no matter how adorable, a pup probably still wouldn't outshine one of George's homemade creations. 


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