Why Lauren Conrad Might Be the Chillest Pregnant Woman RN

Lauren Conrad
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This celebrity mom-to-be is basically saying "Bring. It. On" as she preps to give birth to her first child. Former star of The Hills Lauren Conrad says she's not "worried about the pain" many women fear, and instead is choosing to focus on her health. Good for her!


The 31-year-old, who is expecting a baby boy with husband William Tell, appeared on the cover of Fit Pregnancy & Baby and admitted she may be a bit "naive" about giving birth, but she's ready nonetheless.

Lauren Conrad baby
Fit Pregnancy & Baby

"I'm not worried about the pain that comes with giving birth," she told the mag. "Maybe I'm just naive, but it's pretty low on my list of concerns."

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We love that positive spirit! Plus, plenty of women experience childbirth differently and everyone has her own threshold for pain. Some can tolerate it like it's NBD and others would like an epidural started the moment they walk through the hospital doors.

Either way, it's awesome that Conrad isn't worrying needlessly over a potentially negative aspect of her whole pregnancy journey. She's strong and confident and that's totally inspiring ... and she also already knows that you can't plan for everything in pregnancy or when you're a parent.

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"I tried to plan my pregnancy down to the month," Lauren told the magazine. "My first lesson about motherhood was that you can't plan everything."

Yes, you've got this, Lauren. Just look at her gracing the cover of Fit Pregnancy's sister magazine Parents.

Parents magazine cover

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And rather than fret about her last stage of pregnancy, the fashion designer is choosing to stay fit and healthy. It's no doubt she has that maternal glow! She shared her secrets to looking and feeling great even in the final weeks of pregnancy. 

"Now I hike with girlfriends and I do classes using weights, tailoring moves to my body so that I'm not lying on my back or doing stomach exercises. I still do the treadmill, but I push the power walking instead of running," she said.

Soon, she'll be power walking behind a stroller -- no doubt a super stylish one!

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While she doesn't fear childbirth, Conrad admits there's one thing about pregnancy that's gotten her a bit down: She misses wine and cocktails.

"I must have been eating more cheese and wine than I realized, because I've really been missing them," she said. "I haven't had crazy cravings, but I've had some food aversions. For a while I couldn't eat meat."

The beauty shared this adorable babymoon pic in which she's fantasizing about a margarita.

Lauren Conrad baby
She captioned it: "Babymooning and pretending my blended lemonade is a margarita."

Oh, we've been there, mama! Don't worry, you'll have one in hand before you know it. 

We hope Lauren's positive outlook makes labor and delivery a breeze! 

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