Jessa Duggar Posts Adorable Photo of Baby Henry & the Judgment Flies

jessa and ben seewald

Jessa (Duggar) Dillard may be trying to kill us with cuteness. Seriously, what other reason could there be for the latest picture of little Henry Wilberforce she posted on Instagram looking oh so dapper? 


A bow tie ... we're dead. He's just too cute! 

henry wilberforce seewald

While most of the commenters just squee'd with delight remarking on how much he looks like Spurgeon and how insanely adorable he is, of course, not everyone could keep it positive. 

Some called out Jessa for posting a picture of the little guy in what they believe to be a stained onesie. "Maybe an unstained onesie for a photo documenting age progression... " one judgy commenter quipped. Most jumped in to defend Jessa, saying it's just shadows that make it appear stained, but some still weren't convinced. "All the way up to the arm pit??? Come on now.. it's stained or wet," another wrote. 

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Really, people? We were so busy looking at that delicious grin and those blue eyes to even notice. But even if it is a stain ... so what?! Give a mama a break. He's adorable no matter what he's wearing, and we're just glad she took time to share the pictures. 

Even better: There are more pictures from Henry's 4-month-old photo shoot on their website. Each one is cuter than the last. 

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