15 Times Tori & Zach Roloff Proved They Would Make Amazing Parents

Liz Alterman | Jun 12, 2017 Celebrities
15 Times Tori & Zach Roloff Proved They Would Make Amazing Parents

Zach and Tori Roloff

Even though they just welcomed their new son Jackson Kyle, Zach and Tori Roloff haven't been shy about sharing the fact that couldn't wait to be called "Mom" and "Dad." The Little People, Big World stars' kindness toward each other and their positive outlook on life have shown time and again that they're more than ready to be amazing parents.

Well before officially expanding their family, the couple has shown -- via social media and on LPBW -- that they were practically made to be parents. Here are 15 of our favorite moments that show the sweet reality stars proved they'd be naturals at raising their kiddo!

  • Future Soccer Parents


    The Roloffs were prepping to get their little boy out on the soccer field well before his arrival! "You better believe this is in our future!" Tori captioned this cute shot with her husband in a matching sweatshirt.

  • A Positive Attitude


    When they announced their pregnancy, you could just tell they were beyond pumped for parenthood. "Guess what...  Zach and I are SO excited to FINALLY tell you guys the news!" Tori wrote. "Thank you so much already for the love and support we have received! This is going to be one fun adventure!"

  • Prepping for Playdates


    "Being pregnant is exciting enough," Tori wrote alongside this shot with her friends. "But being pregnant with three of your best friends is just unreal. We were all brought together by our husbands but the bond we've made will stay between us forever. I cannot wait to see all of our kids romp around together!"

    Sounds like a perfect setup for an even more manageable #momlife!

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  • It's a Boy!


    The Roloffs clearly would have been happy to have a boy or a girl, but when Zach learned they were expecting a boy, he posted this buoyant shot and wrote, "Tori and me are having a baby boy! Super stoked for him to come! Thanks to everyone that came to our gender reveal party!" These two are destined to be blissful parents.

  • "Super Mom"


    "She's super mom already!" proud husband Zach captioned this loving shot.

  • The Perfect Nursery


    "We are off to great adventures!" Tori captioned this photo of the nursery she decorated for baby Jackson. So much love!

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  • "So Loved Already"


    The kindergarten teacher shared this awesome beach shot: "Spring break vibes got me like ... I can't wait to meet you baby boy. You are so loved already and every movement makes me fall deeper in love with you. Daddy and I pray every day for your health and happiness. Can't wait to hold you in my arms!"

    So sweet! 

  • A Full Heart


    Tori captioned this sweet photo: "My heart is so unbearably full. I've only spent 4 days with this little guy and I have fallen In love completely with him. This is what I was meant to do. Mommy loves you, Jackson!" 

  • Words of Wisdom


    Before welcoming his baby boy, Zach shared words of wisdom that prove he's going to be a wise dad. "You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more, because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two," Zach, who is a soccer coach, told People. "But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it."

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  • "He's Just Like Me"


    On LPBW, the pair showed they are open to working on their communication skills, which is obviously key to successful co-parenting. Tori pointed out that "no parent wants to hear that their child is different, no matter what that is," to which Zach responded, "Okay, but to me, [having dwarfism is] not different. He's just like me." Ultimately, the two talked it out and got on the same page.

  • Coach in the House


    In May, Zach shared this shot alongside the caption, "Getting stoked for world dwarf games in Canada this year! Got my jersey today! Excited to see competition from around the world!" Having Zach as a dad means Jackson will have a built-in coach, cheering him on from the sidelines.

  • True Love


    While there are many ways for couples to co-parent, being in love has to make it easier at times. Clearly, these two are blissfully happy together. "Happy Birthday to this woman right here!" Zach wrote on Instagram on May 3. "26 years+9months pregnant never looked so good! #zandtpartyofthree #storyofzachandtori." Aww!

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  • Fur Parents


    Zach shared this sweet collage, mourning the loss of Sully, his and Tori's beloved pup. The pair were obviously adoring fur parents -- and that's always a pretty good indication that they'll be even more doting with their LO. 

  • Mom Support


    Couples who have built-in support are bound to be even more fantastic parents. Thankfully, the Roloffs can rely on their moms! "We couldn't do life without these two Mamas! Love you Mom and MIL!" Tori captioned this adorable group shot, taken back in April.

  • Always Learning & Growing


    Back in January, Tori confessed on Instagram that pregnancy wasn't always easy, emotionally. "Today I got my feelings hurt like when I was a child," she shared. "I overheard a comment- which I'm sure was innocent and not meant to be malicious- but it hurt. It was a comment about pregnancy. Something that I think sometimes people don't always realize can be a sensitive subject. I'm not as 'good' at being pregnant as I'd hoped but God is teaching me things I never thought I didn't know. Like how much your spouse is an absolute necessity. Like how much looks aren't everything. Like how my body is capable of things that are so outrageous that a miracle is the only plausible explanation. Thank goodness for my husband and furry boy who get me through the day. Who go on car rides and get ice cream with me. Little baby roloff: you're so worth it." Gratitude, strength, and a positive outlook are just a few of many things Tori has that will make her an amazing mama!

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