Kim Kardashian's Recent Vacation Cost More Than You Ever Could Imagine

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Go big or go home? Clearly, this is the model on which Kim Kardashian and Kanye West model their vacations. The couple, who recently enjoyed a family getaway in the Bahamas, dropped serious cash on their latest jaunt, according to a new report. Ready to wonder what you're doing wrong in life? Here goes: Kim and Kanye spent $440,000 on their trip.


The couple rarely spares any expense, so it's no surprise that their vacay cost them some serious coin -- but $440,000?! They were there for four days! People go on gap years for much, much less!

E! broke down the expenses of the pair's trip, and, not surprisingly, they didn't skimp on anything. Kimye stayed at the ultra-exclusive, invite- or members-only hotspot Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club near Great Guana Cay. During their stay, the couple and their friends and family each got their own floor in a luxe villa by the sea. According to E!, comparable mansions on private islands go for around $44,000 a night, which would make Kim and Kanye's bill approximately $176,000. Dang. 

More from CafeMom:

Then of course there are the flights there. Kim and Kanye no doubt flew private, and four round trip tickets from Los Angeles to Marsh Harbour in the Abaco Islands would ring up at about $264,000. Then, for a charter boat to Baker's Bay, it would be about another $190 for four people. 

And obviously there are extras. The things that make vacation vacation. A ride on a jet skit -- which the Kardashians certainly have a penchant for -- would be about $120 a person an hour. And for those more laid back days when they just want to lay out in the sun and drink Casamigos tequila, there's the cost of the booze -- $350 for a case of six bottles.

All in all it sounds like Kim and Kanye's Bahama vacay was pretty baller -- and no doubt their assistants, trainers, and nannies who tagged along would agree. Hey, if you're going to take time out of your insanely busy schedule to relax, better do it right. 

As Kanye would say: Welcome to the good life. 

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