Josh Duggar Wants to Sue Over Molestation Story Leak Because It Caused Him Stress

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar will forever be branded with a scarlet letter for the accusations and controversy he's brought to the family ... but this has got to be ... a new low. News has surfaced that Josh Duggar wants to join his sisters' breach-of-privacy lawsuit, which makes you wonder what his thought process is, especially since he is technically the root cause.


To recap, Jill, Jessa, Joy-Anna, and Jinger are suing Arkansas law enforcement and In Touch magazine for allegedly releasing information they said in confidence to police when they were minors -- regarding their brother Josh molesting each of the sisters -- which could violate the Freedom of Information Act.

... And, now, Josh reportedly wants to join his sisters' lawsuit, as he recently filed a motion with a US District Court to do so. Apparently he has "suffered severe emotional distress" along with humiliation and financial issues thanks to the 2015 In Touch article, which revealed the Duggar police report and the fact that dad Jim Bob didn't report Josh's molestation revelations for an entire year. As cited in the court document:

" ... While existing Plaintiffs have endured harsh and unwarranted public scrutiny,have been forced to confront traumatic experiences revisited upon them by release of the protected reports, have had the most private and painful aspects of their lived exposed and experienced a wave of public humiliation due to the misconduct of Defendants, there have been some aspects of that public exposure that has elicited sympathy worldwide, and rightfully so."

Um, come again?

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While the courts will have to decide whether or not there was any wrongdoing on the part of the Arkansas law enforcement involved and In Touch, it's a bit nuts to think Josh wants to align himself with his sisters, the victims of HIS molestation. Because, had there been no molestation to begin with, there would be no need for police statements, reports, articles, or interviews in which family members open up about the molestation (i.e., the primetime Megyn Kelly interview) -- or any of this craziness, for that matter.

As much as we should all walk in forgiveness, does that mean accountability for misconduct now goes out the window? The fact that Josh is trying to cry emotional distress with the very people he preyed on is so ... so ... off and perhaps shines a light on his true thoughts about molesting his sisters.

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Seeing as Josh has a lawsuit against him -- based on accusations the eldest Duggar stole a DJ's photo to use on his Ashley Madison profile to cheat on his wife -- one can only wonder how many courtrooms he will see in the near future.

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