Prince Harry May Be Getting Proposal Pointers From Prince William

Prince William and Harry laughing
James Whatling/Splash News

Royal wedding number two? It's certainly no surprise that after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended Pippa Middleton's wedding together, the engagement talk ramped up. But things just got juicier. According to multiple sources, Harry plans on proposing to Meghan soon -- and he has the dreamiest way he wants to go about it. 


Royal insiders say that Prince Harry wants to propose to Meghan in Africa in the not so distant future. "Africa means everything to Harry," a source told Radar Online. "It is where he and William were taken by their father to escape after their mother's death." And evidently that's not the only reason Harry has such a tie to the continent. "He feels himself there, and it was the South African jewelry he gave to Meghan that first gave their relationship away," the source added. Apparently, Harry and Meghan even have dreams of running a wildlife safari one day. 

Also, as most people know, Africa is where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. 

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It would be pretty surprising if a royal source knew this much info on Harry's proposal plans -- or that a royal source would talk to Radar -- but hey, where there's smoke, there's usually fire. 

Too many sources have said that Meghan is "the one" for Harry, so it's likely that an engagement isn't too far off. But we'll see how and when it happens. William and Harry are close, but it's doubtful Harry wants to propose exactly like his older brother. 

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