Kate Middleton Refuses to Follow Royal Rules When It Comes to Her Kids

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She may have married into royalty, but Kate Middleton apparently wears the pants at home -- especially when it comes to how the kids are being raised. According to a new report, Kate is raising Charlotte and George her way, not the traditional royal way. And from the sound of things, that's a pretty good idea. 


"Royal insiders" told Radar Online that the duchess is shunning the traditional hoity-toity ways of the royal family in favor of a more down-to-earth approach. Kate is "keeping stuffy ­royal protocol far from their apartment at Kensington Palace, telling palace aides her kids will be raised her way," a source said. "Kate has kept her babies out of the public eye as much as possible. They have absolutely no idea they're royals," the insider added. "They might look like perfect tots in photos, but at home they play in the mud, fall off their ponies, and have screaming tantrums!"

Yep, sound like regular kids alright. Except what kind of ponies are we talking about here? Real ponies or toy ponies? Because the former isn't very regular kid. 

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Royal insiders say that Kate's way of raising the kids would horrify Queen Elizabeth, but the duchess is adamant about having the kids be normal children. "Never in royal history have the children in direct line to the throne been raised in such a modern way," sources say. 

Kate is super close with her family, and seemed to turn to her mother Carole for lots of baby advice when George and Charlotte were first born, so it doesn't come as a huge shock that Kate wants her kids to be raised more in line with how she was than William. But that said, some things are a little surprising, like how she's enrolled George in a normal, co-ed, middle-class school in suburban London with 540 other students, as opposed to William's childhood school, Wetherby Prep, which is just 'round the corner from Kensington Palace. 

At the end of the day, every mom has to do what she thinks is right for her kids, and Kate is doing just that. Sure, her children will have loads of perks growing up, but from the sound of things, they'll be pretty normal, too.

And hey, Kate had a typical middle-class upbringing and she looks like she's doing okay. Don't sweat it, Queen E. Kate's got this. 

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