Watch Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Command the Stage Like a Boss

Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy Carter

When your mom is one of the greatest to ever do it in the entertainment game, it's only natural that you get in "Formation" and slay. Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy steals the show at her dance recital -- and it's so adorable that you'll feel inspired to put on a tutu and attempt a couple high kicks.


The 5-year-old soon-to-be big sister of twins dazzled the crowd, as Blue performed a dance number to Earth, Wind & Fire's classic "September" on June 3.

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Take a look at TMZ's footage:

In case you can't tell, Blue is front and center and clearly doesn't have an ounce of stage fright. She looks ready to take on the world and possibly be a fill-in for her mom should Beyonce ever need to rest her feet or nurse the twins between songs.

Blue Ivy Carter dance recital

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Blue looks like she's having the time of her life throughout her number, often turning to her fellow dance pal on the left as if she's saying, "Watch what I'm about to do."

Blue Ivy Carter dance recital

At one point, Blue and some of the other dancers can't stop looking at one of the wings. Who knows if their dance instructor is there helping the girls not miss a step, and who knows if Bey was standing on the sidelines cheering her daughter on. (Hey, it could happen.)

Blue Ivy Carter dance recital

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Too freaking cute, right?

Just last year, Blue Ivy showed off her dance skills at another recital, proving entertaining a crowd runs in the Carter family.

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We can only imagine all the impromptu performances that are in store for Beyonce and Jay Z once the twins get here. For now, we can totally picture Bey recording Blue's recitals as she smiles with pride.

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