Kate Middleton Doesn't Go by 'Kate' Behind Palace Doors


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To the world, she's known as Kate Middleton, but behind palace doors the duchess goes by a much different name. And no, it's not "princess."

After Kate Middleton and Prince William got married in April of 2011, she officially became "Catherine Elizabeth, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge." Some people started wondering why she suddenly was going by her elongated name, but as it turns out, that's what she's always gone by. 

  • Kate, who was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, was always known as, well, Catherine growing up. 

    Both her family and her friends in Bucklebury called her this. But when she went to university at St. Andrews, some of her friends started calling her by the nickname Kate (as did the media when she started dating Prince William). However, Prince William, as well as the royal family, still calls her Catherine. 

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  • People started wondering what exactly Kate went by when Prince Harry referred to his sister-in-law as "Cath" in a video recently. 

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    In an effort to clear things up, journalist Scott Mills questioned the duchess during an interview on BBC's Radio 1 not long after. "Everyone calls you Kate, don't they?" Mills asked the future queen, to which she replied, "I will answer to most things."

    Well, shoot. 

  • William and the royal family (and her family) will continue to call the duchess "Catherine."

    However, it's unlikely the public will ever be able to stop using "Kate."

    And evidently, she can thank her university friends for that.