Tyga Takes a Pathetic Jab at Kylie Jenner With His New Song

kylie jenner tyga
Jawad Elatab/Splash News

Oh, Tyga, this isn't a good look. Despite the fact that it's been three months since Kylie Jenner and the rapper broke up, it looks like he's still not over her. In one of his new songs, "Playboy," it sounds like Tyga is dissing Kylie hard. But of course we all know that this is just eighth grade reverse psychology here and dude's still in love. 


In the song, Tyga brags about having the tenacity of a porn star, and then goes on to say, "She a superstar and got it bad for me." Said superstar obviously being Kylie. (Who else has Tyga dated that's a superstar? Blac Chyna? Eh, not really a superstar.)

Tyga then goes on to say, "If I hang up she call right back to me, you cut her legs off she crawl right back to me." Again, has to be talking about Kylie and the pair's on-again, off-again relationship. 

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Then, though, things get graphic. Really graphic. Showing what a classy guy he is, Tyga says, "she really crawl, lift my balls and lick the whole sack for me." Lovely. He also says, "If I ain't poppin', why the paparazzi flashin' me? Can you answer me? I call it playboy tenacity." And finally, "More money, more problems but the money make it better. I ain't tryna f--k and that just f--ked her head up."

Such beautiful words, Tyga. Who knew you were a poet?

If Tyga is trying to slam Kylie -- which, come on, he totally is -- it isn't really working. Because all he's done here is write a disgusting song and make it seem like he's totally not over her yet. 

Tyga, your plan is backfiring. You don't see Kylie going around trashing you, now do you? Nope, because she's moved on with someone new. 

Sorry, dude. Ya burnt.

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