Duggars Called Out for Pic of Jessa's Son Playing Hide & Seek

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What appears to be a sweet playtime picture on the Duggars' Instagram feed has fans up in arms. The picture is of Jessa Duggar's son Spurgeon surrounded by pillows, which is pretty adorable on the surface. It's the caption that little Spurgy wants to play hide-and-seek, however, that's that has fans concerned. 


Side note: How cute is this? 

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What's wrong with hide-and-seek, you might ask (if you don't follow the Duggars' every move)? Well, a few years back -- after news of the Josh Duggar sex scandal, in which Josh molested several young girls including his sisters -- the family announced that, among other safeguards, they had banned their children from playing the game. Fans were quick to remind them of this too.

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During an interview with Megyn Kelly in 2015, Jill said: 

"My parents said okay, we're not going to do this hide and seek thing where two people go off and hide together. Locks on the doors. You know, everybody's in bed. Girls in the girls' room. Boys in the boys' room."

It's great they took action, and it's understandable that you'd do anything possible to protect your children after something like that. However, hide-and-seek is just a game -- a game played by thousands of children every day with no harm happening. We hate to think of the littlest Duggars not getting to play this traditional childhood game today just because of something Josh did years ago.

Most of the time it's just a fun game, and functioning as if something is going to happen anytime two kids are together seems pretty extreme. While we're sure no one is ever going to forget what happened, there's also a point at which you can't have it dictate your every move. Fans need to understand that if the Duggars change their mind about something like this.

If Spurgy wants to play hide-and-seek, we hope he gets to play.   

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