Rob Kardashian Sets the Record Straight on Dating Mehgan James

mehgan james

We hoped that once Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna finally split, the famous family's only son would finally be free of relationship drama. And if you hoped that too, think again -- brand-new drama is just beginning. Reportedly, Rob's family hates that he's dating Mehgan James, but it might be too early for them to even worry.


According to what a source close to Rob tells People, the Kardashians are stressing out that he still hasn't found the right person to share his life with, because this girl seems like just as much drama as the last. The source said: 

"They hope it's short-lived, because she seems like drama as well. Now that Rob finally got away from the Chyna drama, they don't want him to start another destructive relationship .... Rob's family wishes he would stay single for a bit to focus on himself. He's still an emotional mess and needs a lot of work."

It sounds like they just might get their wish, though ... because despite how hard the rumor mill is working right now, he claims that he and Mehgan are not only not dating, but they also don't know each other. 

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On Thursday night, Rob issued the following tweet to his followers: 

rob kardashian twitter

Interestingly enough, Mehgan retweeted it ... and she's telling the same story.  

So now, do we believe them and move on, or are they definitely hiding their relationship? Time will tell ... or we'll see her on a future episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Your move, Rob. 

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