Prince William Makes a Surprise Visit to Manchester to Pay His Respects

prince william
Pool / Reuters / Splash

Almost two weeks after the Manchester bombing that left 22 people dead and even more injured, the world is still reeling from the incident. But fortunately, certain celebrities are getting out there to help the victims -- including the royal family. This week, Prince William visited Manchester just days after Queen Elizabeth did the same thing.


According to People, William headed to the Greater Manchester Police headquarters on Friday to visit with some of the first responders who were on the scene, listening to their stories about the victims and the fear they felt that night. It's hard to imagine what they've been through -- it had to have been so terrifying! 

Then, he met with people who worked at St. John's Ambulance, Northern Rail, and the British Red Cross who were also involved with helping out that night. 

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Those who were there told the magazine that William was "showing his respect and gratitude for what we did," as well as asking questions about what that night was like for them. It's important to make sure the victims get the care they need, but it's also important not to forget the people who made that happen. 

It's hard to know what to do after a crisis like this one, but it's awesome that William took the time to visit with the people who helped everyone to safety and to get the medical help they needed. 

Just one more reason to fall in love with William, right? We're sure Kate must be so proud.

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