How Josh Duggar Is Still Paying for His Sex Scandal

josh anna duggar

Though it's been two years since the sex scandal that rocked the Duggar clan, Josh Duggar is still flipping out... literally. According to reports, since he went to sex rehab, Josh has been banned from using smartphones and it's flip phone city for him.


A source recently told Radar Online: 

Since everything that happened with his extra-marital online 'dating' he still isn't allowed to have a smartphone. A smartphone was how he used to get away with the OK Cupid, Ashley Madison and fake Twitter accounts.

The source went on to say that Josh carries not one but two flip phones. Why two? They didn't say, but questions were raised.

He carries two flip phones. One is for business, but I know he's not that busy with his used car lot!

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Hmmm. We're not exactly sure what that means and why one wouldn't suffice, but we get why Anna has laid down the law about the phones. The source said it gives her "peace of mind," though how much is the question.

We don't blame her for being wary -- moving on after something like that has got to be hard, perhaps even impossible for some people. But if she still doesn't trust him to carry a smartphone after all of this time, we wonder just much trust has really been rebuilt. Or if full trust ever can be? 

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