Poor Jana Duggar! Fans Freak Over Her Latest Family Photo

Jana Duggar

Poor, poor Jana Duggar. That's what fans are crying over a selfie of Jana taken after Joy-Anna Duggar's wedding this past weekend. 


In the photo, which the Duggars posted on their official Facebook page, you see Jana front and center with a whole horde of kids behind her. The caption reads: "Jana decided it was time to get out of the house for an afternoon hike and she had plenty who wanted to go with her!"

 duggar facebook
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

So, of course, the cries of poor Jana began. Most seem genuinely concerned for her happiness, saying they hope her turn is coming soon, but others continue the whole "Cinderella Duggar" speculation that Jana is being forced to look after all these kids, which is standing in her way of finding a man. 

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This is getting old. Jana is only 27, and while that may be ancient by Duggar standards, she's said repeatedly that she's just waiting for "the right one." Sure, it may have been a bit difficult to see her younger siblings marry and have children if that's what she wants for herself, but it's better to wait than to jump into all of that with someone who isn't right for you. And if her role until that happens is to care for the kids in her family, that's her business. She doesn't look too upset about it to us!

The only reason to feel sorry for Jana is because people just won't let up and let her live her life and her love life on her own time. Poor Jana, indeed.

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