Saint West Is a Full-On Toddler in Kim's Adorable New Pic

kim kardashian saint west
Janet Mayer / Splash News

Saint? Is that really you? On Wednesday night, Kim Kardashian shared a new photo of Saint, and all we can say is: He's huge! It feels like the last time we saw Kim's son, he was still a baby -- little man's a full-on toddler now. And yep, he's cuter than ever!


Kim shared a sweet photo on Instagram of Saint along with Kim and her grandmother M.J. She captioned the adorable pic, "Some of my fave people." Check out how much Saint has grown:

kim kardashian saint west grandma MJ

What a cutie! And sorry, Kim. North may be your doppelganger, but Saint is all Kanye. 

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Just as she did with North, Kim didn't share too many photos of her son when he was first born. But now that he's a bit older, he seems to be playing a bigger role on all of her social media feeds. And who could blame Kim for featuring him? He's adorable!

Ever since her Paris robbery, Kim has been all about posting photos of her family -- especially her kids -- to Instagram. In addition to a handful of sweet photos of North, Kim also posted this insanely cute pic of Saint a few weeks ago:

saint west


Perhaps Kim's re-prioritized her life after the horrific experience she went through, or perhaps she just feels more comfy sharing photos of her son now that he's older? Whatever the reason, we're just happy to see more photos of Saint. Doesn't get much cuter than this.  

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