Scott Disick Is Using Kylie Jenner to Get Back at Kourtney Kardashian

scott disick
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Scott Disick, what are you doing, dude?! Right now, it's more than obvious that Lord Disick is in a really bad way. Shortly after Kourtney Kardashian was seen living life to the fullest in Cannes with her new man Younes Bendjima, Scott went off the rails. However, sources say that things are really bad with the father of three right now -- which hopefully explains Scott's latest love interest


From the looks of things, Scott has a bit of a revolving door of ladies right now. After being spotted with model Ella Ross shortly before jetting off to France, Scott was linked to Bella Thorne (who's Kylie Jenner's friend), as well as his ex, Chloe Bartoli; Justin Bieber's ex, Sophia Richie; and now Justin Bieber's other ex, Chantel Jeffries, who's, again, Kylie Jenner's friend. What is happening?!

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A few days ago, Scott was spotted hanging out on a yacht in Monaco with Chantel, as well as a few other girls. In one of the photos, Scott can be seen with his hand on Chantel's butt while she lounges in the sun. Way to keep it classy, Disick. 

According to sources, Scott is a complete mess right now. "I don’t want to say that Scott is out of control, but yeah, he’s out of control," a source told People. "He’s making a lot of choices that aren’t the best thing for him or his family. He’s going pretty wild, and I’ve told him that his wild behavior is going to cost him his family if he’s not careful." Yikes. 

It's no surprise that Scott is going through some ish, but trying to get back at Kourtney through a string of girls her ex (Bieber) was linked to or that Kylie is friends with is just pathetic. And, unfortunately for Scott, she just doesn't care. 

From the looks of things, Scott's 24-hour party train doesn't have plans on stopping any time soon. But hopefully he'll get his crap together in the not too distant future -- despite the fact that he'll never be with Kourtney again. 

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