Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Sweet Marriage Advice From Jill & Jessa

joy anna duggar

Sweet sisterly advice. Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth may be a wife now, but that doesn't mean she doesn't need marriage advice. Before her wedding to Austin Forsyth last Friday, Joy-Anna received sage relationship advice from Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. Hopefully, she'll heed their messages!


Before she and Austin tied the knot, Joy-Anna's older sisters tried to prep her for marriage with a few wise words. Speaking to People, Jessa said, "My advice to her for marriage was just to enjoy being a couple. I know that they’re super excited to be getting married and it’s going to be amazing. They’re perfect for each other." 

Jill had more simple advice for her younger sister. "They’re working on a house, so I told them, get curtains!" she said. 

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The girls also had advice for Joy-Anna in a sweet TLC wedding day video. "Enjoy being married. Enjoy just each other’s company," Jill said, and even gave a little advice to Austin, saying, "When you don’t understand why she’s crying, that’s okay. Just rub her back or something."

"You’re going to be a lot more distracted now," Jessa commented. "But I know that Austin’s a great guy. I know that he’s very tender, very caring, loving guy."


Interestingly enough, neither Jill nor Jessa thought Joy-Anna and Austin would wind up together since they've known him for so long. "He’s the best. I think two years ago we wouldn’t have guessed this would be a thing. We’ve known Austin forever and we didn’t see that happening," Jessa said. "Sometimes that’s a crazy thing, because then you know all about him since he was a kid," added Jill. "Austin is great. We love him."

And apparently Joy-Anna loves him too. Congrats to Joy-Anna and Austin! And guys? Not a bad idea to keep your sisters' advice in mind. Just sayin'. 

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