Rob Kardashian Has a New Girlfriend -- & You Might Know Her

rob kardashian
Clint Brewer/Splash News

Chyna who? According to multiple sources, Rob Kardashian has a new girlfriend -- and she's a far cry from Blac Chyna. Rob is dating Mehgan James, sources say, a reality star who's appeared on both Oxygen's Bad Girl's Club, as well as VH1's Basketball Wives LA. Verrrrry inneresting.  


Insiders say that Rob and Mehgan have been close for a few months now. "Mehgan’s been supporting Rob and his business for some time now," a source told People. "They’ve been really close friends for about three months." However, that same source also added that Mehgan is "living for this moment right now," which, understandably, isn't sitting all that well with the Rob & Chyna star's sisters. 

Evidently, Mehgan had a bit of a wild reputation on Bad Girl's Club (hence, the name of the show), but sources say she's since gotten it together. "She’s matured and will be a good fixture in Rob’s life should this continue," an insider told Us Weekly

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Apparently, the pair are trying to keep things low-key right now and didn't want to go public just yet, but, you know, so much for that. 

The timing of this relationship is a little bizarre, being that only a few days ago Rob penned a sweet tribute to Chyna on Instagram, calling her "the woman I love." 


While a new love interest certainly doesn't sound like a bad thing for Rob (he and Chyna are about as toxic as it gets), his sisters definitely are right to be wary. Not only does it raise a slight red flag that Mehgan has already been on two reality shows, Rob may not be in the right state of mind to start dating again just yet -- especially if he's not over Chyna. 

In due time, we'll see what happens! But for now, we can just sit back and see how Chyna retaliates. Never a dull moment with these two!

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