13 Times the Duggars Were Accused of Taking People's Money

Tanvier Peart | Jun 2, 2017 Celebrities

Duggar family

As much as people love them, the Duggar family is a controversial group -- and there's no beating around that fact. Whether it's their dedication to their faith, skeletons of the past coming out of the closet, or the Duggars acting ... like the Duggars -- sometimes it's a hit, and other times it sparks controversy. Believe it or not, the Duggars have been accused of taking people's money or trying to take advantage of the system, which can be considered the same thing.

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The Duggars are a beloved reality family; folks have been following them from their first season on TLC. But could it be possible that they are doing something sneaky behind the scenes? While we do think that people give the Duggars a lot of side-eye for some pretty crazy stuff, we're undecided on whether we believe some of the ways that people have accused them of trying to take advantage of other people for money. From trying to get donations on YouTube, to Jill being an "unqualified midwife," to asking their fans for financial support, we have to admit that some of these things seem a little shady. 

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Some instances warrant a side-eye, while others might make people shake their heads in disbelief. Take a look.