Internet Troll Tries to Fat-Shame Rihanna & Fans Shut Him Down

Rihanna shamed on twitter
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You have to admire a lady who isn't afraid to change up her appearance. Still, almost any time a woman looks even the slightest bit different, it seems to invite trolls to come out of the far corners of the Internet to shame her. Rihanna was spotted out and about looking fab with a few more curves than she previously possessed. And, you guessed it, a fat-shamer was lying in wait.


A writer for the site Barstool Sports apparently penned a nasty article over the weekend, and then, in case anyone should miss it, he tweeted this -- which, as you'd imagine, didn't sit well with anyone.

rihanna shamed on twitter

According to Cosmopolitan, the blogger weighed in on Rihanna's body (as if that were any of his -- or anyone's! -- biz) and speculated that perhaps the pics of her where taken at a "bad visual" angle. He then imagined that the artist has been "enjoying that good room service a bit too long," and even pondered if she could be pregnant, which he concluded "happens to the best of us." Elle UK also reports that the writer feared we'd soon be "in a world where all the hottest girls look like the humans in Wall-E. And just in time for summer too." 

Where do we even begin? No. Just no.

Fortunately, this troll was quickly called out by others who had no time for anyone attempting to knock the 29-year-old songstress. 

rihanna shamed on twitter

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Seriously, no one is having any of this.

rihanna shamed on twitter

The post was later removed ... but only with an equally disgraceful non-apology.

Fans, though, were actually loving Rihanna's look, with many taking to Twitter to call out her fabulousness while she strolled through Manhattan.

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Does RihRih look a little curvier than on other occassions? Yes. Does it totally work for her? Hell, yes! Is it really anyone's business? Hell, no!

The "Diamonds" singer got plenty of love, proving she's perfect in the eyes of fans no matter what size, which is as it should be.

rihanna support

Rihanna support

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Others pointed out something that should be fairly obvious: Rihanna looks about the size of your average gal. So good for her for not starting off the season like a stick figure. 

rihanna support

Trolls can say what they want, but the singer slayed on the red carpet in Cannes in a stunning white off-the-shoulder Dior gown at Friday's Okja premiere.

Rihanna Cannes
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Look at that face. Would you want to mess with this fierce and lovely creature? We don't think so.

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